– What Participants Say About Classes –

Heather’s classes are the perfect level of challenging, and she always offers plenty of modifications for those who need it. Her classes have worked muscles I didn’t even know I had!
– Megan Marrs / Class Visitor


I absolutely LOVE working with Heather one-on-one. Her workouts are so different and challenging without making me feel overwhelmed. I never feel like she is judging me. My back and knees have been aching for a while (in a kind of arthritic way) and I’ve been hesitant to get back into exercise, but since I started working with Heather I no longer have any pain in my knees or back.

– Carla Conte / Class Visitor

 – What Personal Training Clients Say –

Heather has been training me for eight years. Heather’s training style is very nurturing and supportive. She has an amazing energy and has an abundance of wonderful information to share.

I have been in physical therapy several times over the past five years for an overuse shoulder injury. I probably sustained the injury from poor exercise technique while I was trying to work out on my own. My shoulder never got better with PT, but after just 3 months of working with Heather my shoulder became pain-free and I’m now able to move with ease in ways that I haven’t been able to in 40+ years. Heather’s training style makes sense on the most intuitive level, and I absolutely love it.

– Sue Diaz / Class Visitor


The past few years I have gone back and forth with different diagnoses until I was finally diagnosed with Benign Hypermobility Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and arthritis in my neck. All at the age of 23. Joining the gym and finding Heather has been amazing. Her experience with hypermobility helped in molding the perfect exercise routine for me. She was able to show me what I was doing wrong and how to correct it without hyperextending.

She lets you go at your own pace while also making you want to push yourself. She also video taped our session so that I have videos of all the routines we did and can now make my own routine out of them. Her routines are things that I can do at home, at the gym, or really anywhere. So now there is no more excuses!!

When joining the gym I had three goals: become stronger so that I do not develop more issues relating to my condition later in life, becoming healthier and more active, and the last is to lose weight. I already feel myself getting stronger and Heather has helped take away a lot of the anxiety I had with going to the gym. I can’t wait to have her train me again, and to go to her different classes in the seacoast area.
She is a pleasure to train for, personable, attentive and makes exercising seem fun for once!

– Alyssa Clarke-Cartwright / Personal Training Client


Heather is my personal trainer, and I have known her in a professional capacity since January 2007. I decided I wanted to get in shape with the assistance of a personal trainer to get ready for my wedding in July.

There were a dozen staff at the facility where I was working out, but something about Heather made her stand out to me. I watched her workout every single morning – she showed such discipline and dedication. I chose her as my trainer based on this observation alone, and I am so glad that I did! I signed up for ten sessions, and I have renewed sessions with her every month since January.

She is completely dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. She designed a program that fit best for me, and even went so far as to assisting me with my nutrition and eating habits. Her goal is to promote health/wellness and awareness in her clients, and she has certainly exceeded all of my expectations. She motivates me, inspires me, and she continues to challenge me.

Since working with Heather, I have lost inches and pounds, but also decreased my body fat percentage by 20%. For the first time in my life I am out of the “obese” category. I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. I owe that to Heather, thank you for changing my life!

– Myles Grater / Personal Training Client